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Trees and woodlands policy of Vaudreuil-Soulanges

The natural environments of Vaudreuil-Soulanges are under pressure from agriculture and rapid urbanization practices, resulting in a reduction or a loss of forest cover. The loss of forest cover leads inevitably to a reduction of biodiversity, causing a potential reduction of wildlife and plant populations. In some sectors, the decrease in forest cover has resulted in negative consequences for soil protection against erosion by water and wind. Since woodlands also play a role in controlling noise, pollution and odors, their disappearance has a major impact on quality of life for residents.

Through the Tree and Woodlands Policy, the MRC offers courses of action to protect and enhance the forest cover to stimulate action in terms of enhancement of natural heritage and environment.

The policy applies to municipalities, but especially to citizens and development agencies in the region, in ordre to provide them with tools to improve on natural environments along three key action items:

Inform and educate about the roles and functions of trees and woodlands;
• Promote reforestation and protection of trees and woodlands to meet various needs in terms of sustainable development;
• Encourage the development of forests and encourage good silviculture and forest management practices.

From these key action items, concrete measures are accessible to citizens, farmers and landowners to encourage participation to alleviate regional issues. For example, this policy advocates measures, including planting trees in agricultural areas and near transportation corridors, shoreline and costal protection and the connectivity between forested banks. These measures complement the policy on the management of rivers in order to increase the protection of riverbanks and reduce the impact of deforestation. In addition, the policy encourages the use of financial assistance programs to meet the various proposed measures.

To learn more, please visit the trees and woodlands policy.

If you are a woodland owner, you may want to consult this practical guide (French only).